VK1000-L is reasonable and easy-to-use wheel loader scale system. VK1000-L scale suits well to material weight monitoring, for example. With this scale, weighing happens automatically and quickly during normal boom raising motion. Also, weighing results will automatically summing up to memory when dumping the bucket. All this happens without any user intervention, so loader operator can concentrate completely to the his work.

Main properties:

  • Clear and selection based user-interface, will need only four keys

  • Fully automatic, speed compensated dynamic weighing

  • Quick and easy calibration and tare functions

  • Easy to install and quick clamp enables fast release of monitor panel from the machine if needed

  • Small and compact structure, doesn't cover visibility

  • Basic version has the memory locations for the 20 customers and products data

  • It also includes the memory locations for 40 customers and the 10 product names

  • Data remain in the memory although display unit is being removed from the machine

  • Separately weighing of truck and trailer amounts

  • Last bucket tip-off feature for optimizing the loads

  • Latest weighing substraction, as needed

  • Can be equiped with the popular Epson TMU-295 printer or by normal ticket printer

  • Entrepreneur own contact informations can be set to the memory, whereby they can be visible in the printout

  • Printout can be taken from each load separately, or printout from the customer total amount

  • Outline dimensions 170x109x56 mm

  • Display resolution 50 kg

  • Accuracy ± 0…2% from the whole weighing area, ± 1% is most typical

The properties of the Basic version can be expanded as needed, in other words system is can be updated upwards.